Visiting Budapest can not be complete without taking a bath in one of its world-famous thermal spring spas.

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The first settlers in the area, the Celtic tribes had already discovered and used the healing waters in the first century Before Christ. From the recorded history we know, that they named a place, in today’s Budapest, after the thermal water, that was „Ak-ink” what means abundant water. Later on the Romans occupied the settlement and called their province Aquincum, referring again to the abundance of water in the area. They had developed bathing culture and built the first baths here in Obuda 1th-5th century. After the Romans the Hungarians used the baths for centuries. Spa and bath culture was developed significantly during the Turkish rule in the 16th-17th centuries. Some of these Ottoman baths, are protected as historical monuments and they are still in use today. You can enjoy their great architecture, colored glass windows and domed pools. After the Turkish occupation baths became less popular. However, the turn of the 19th-20th centuries brought flourishing changes to the bath culture. Since then, Budapest – the City of Baths – houses nearly 50 spas, baths and public pools.

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