Couple’s Harmony Massage

Enter the Massage RoomMassages in general are meant to take weight off your shoulders, relax your muscles and your mind. The Couple’s Harmony Massage is the lightest of the offered massages at the Gellert Spa, it helps your relax and revitalize alongside your partner. Important to notice that this massage is specifically aims to be very gentle, not putting too much pressure on the participants, it’s an easy way to achieve complete relaxation, while getting your body refreshed. During the Harmony Massage the masseurs mainly use gentle strokes and natural massage oil for the treatment.Foot MassageMassage Process:
After entering you have to get undressed (excluding underwear) while the masseur leaves the room. Firstly you have to lay on your back and you will be covered with massage sheets, only the currently treated area is left uncovered. During half time, you have to turn to your stomach under the sheet for the treatment to continue. After the treatment you have time to just lay there and relax for a while, the gathered energies can pass through your body, and you will be offered a glass of water. Most of the masseurs begin the massages from the feet and end the treatment at the head area . Each massage covers a full body treatment, including foot massage, important pressure points on the hands and the gentle massage of the fingers. Massage firmness depends on the masseurs as well.Gentle Harmony Treatment

Disqualifying circumstances:
– During pregnancy one may not get treated while laying on their stomachs (the masseur has to be aware of this)
– Varicose
– Heart problems

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