Gellert Bath Budapest

Gellért Bath Budapest

Energizing entertainment and an epic experience in a breathtaking building, the glorious Gellert Spa! –  CABINS: €21

As a part of the famous Hotel Gellert in Buda, the Gellert Baths complex includes thermal baths, which are various pools containing special thermal water from Gellert hill’s mineral hot springs. The bath complex was built between 1912 and 1918 in the Art Nouveau style, however references to healing waters in this location are found from as early as the 13th century, during the Turkish reign baths were built on this particular site. The bathing facility standing here today is the most prestigious of Budapest’s baths, visitable during any time of the year, with the fast track entry tickets providing VIP entry you will be able to avoid queues and relax in a luxurious environment. Offering a large variety of treatments and thai massages the Gellert Spa is an experience nobody should miss!

Rest and relaxation, luxurious leisure, expect nothing less from the most prestigious Spa of Budapest!

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Lockers – Storage in your genders changing section to place your items in
Cabins – Private storage and changing room for yourself
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