Dinner and Cruise Budapest with Bath Entry

Dinner and Cruise BudapestA trip on the Danube brings the whole capital closer to you, and is one of the best ways to relax in Budapest. – SAVE 10%

We would like to inform you that the outdoor pool of the Széchenyi Bath (soda corridor) is unfortunately not available due to renovation from February 5, 2018 until June 1, 2018.

The capital of Hungary is a many faced city, you can experience a wide variety of architectural styles in the different parts of it, each with its own story and its moving history. The same goes for the time of the day during a trip. At night the city slows down a bit, has a completely different touch, a romantic, warmly illuminated town with the mighty Danube reflecting the lights. Our program, beginning at 7 PM, takes you on a 2 hour long romantic ship cruise down the Danube showing you the magnificent sights from the river, including a delicious buffet Dinner and Live Music entertaiment to bring you a complete evening program in Hungarian style. The meals on our boats are prepared by Chef Molnárka Péter, including various hungarian dishes, cold entries, international favourites, vegatarian meals, desserts and much more. A promise made is a debt unpaid, and we promise you’ll have a wonderful time while cruising with us after your day at the spa!

A perfect choice to try out most of the local dishes while listening to live gipsy music entertainment.

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