Folklore Show Budapest with Bath Entry

Folklore Budapest and Bath entryBring the colour of culture closer during a traditional Folklore Performance after a relaxing day at the Spa! – SAVE 10%

With three of the best Hungarian Folklore Ensembles we organize Folklore Performances in two of Budapest’s most prestigious theatres, both with a central downtown location. Through the dances and the traditional music the viewer gains insight into the complicated Hungarian culture and the dramatic display of its stormy past. Beginning always at 8 PM, in one and a half hours the dancers change their costumes, pace and style of the dance multiple times, according to where it originates from, also covering former areas of Hungary. A choice of culture and entertainment to finish an already amazing day spent at one of Budapest’s rightfully renowned thermal baths.

Heritage is is the honour of the treasured tradition we carry with ourselves, what makes people feel they belong to, and are part of the country they live in.

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