Széchenyi Bath Budapest with dinner at the Gundel Restaurant

Szechenyi Bath with Dinner in GundelEntrance to Széchenyi Bath with a delicious dinner at the Gundel Restaurant

Is there anything better than having a delicious fancy dinner at the city’s most elegant restaurant after an indulging bathing at the renowned Széchenyi Spa? Of course not!

Budapest City Park is home to some of the most famous sights and attractions, like the Millenium Monument at Heroes’ Square, the City Zoo, the Thermal Spa of Europe, the majestic Széchenyi Bath, and one of the most popular and extravagant restaurants of the city, the Gundel.

With this exclusive package, you’ll have the chance to explore the magnificent Széchenyi with a VIP skip the line entrance through a separate welcome desk and enjoy a phenomenal dinner with a huge discount at the celebrated Gundel restaurant, all for the price of one program.

The Széchenyi Spa offers a truly special pampering experience for everyone, with its 18 pools, numerous sauna facilities, swimming and thermal baths.
Enjoy a detoxicating hot sauna, take a few laps in the refreshing cold water of the outdoor swimming pools, or heal your body and soul by immersing yourself in one of the several natural thermal spring pools of the facility. Indulge in the complete care of the “I love Spa Package”, providing spa gear, such as a take-home towel, flip-flops, swimming cap, 2 in 1 shower gel and shampoo, plus a bottle of mineral water to ensure you have all you might need for an ultimate rejuvenating experience.

Following complete rejuvenation in the largest spa of Hungary, an attentive hostess will accompany you on the few minute long walk to the famous Gundel Restaurant.
The more than 100 years old restaurant bears great historical importance, as it lived through various different wars and owner changes. The astonishing interior design had been carefully preserved, to keep representing the breathtaking, traditional beauty of the place, taking you back to its glory days, the moment you enter. The restaurant is the proud owner of several Hungarian and international awards, like the Best of Budapest Award, a Michelin Guide recommendation and the Hungarian Heritage Award among many others. In 2014 the restaurant was also added to the collection of “Hungarikums”, the most unique and special Hungarian products and values.

At the stunning setting of Gundel, you can savour a special 3 course gourmet dinner with 3 complementary beverages. This esteemed Hungarian restaurant is famous for the special care they invest into selecting the best available ingredients for their dishes, prepared by some of the most talented master chefs of the country. Enjoy the exclusive menu, compiled carefully for this program from the best and most popular house specialities and discover the delicious side of Budapest!

You may also attend the two locations in different days, however, please let us know of the exact days beforehand!




Single Ticket: 75 €

Ticket with hotel drop off service: 103 €

Ticket with hotel pick up and drop off serice: 116 €

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