The Art of Folk Dancing

István Györffy (1884-1939; University Mentor / Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences) – “…folk dancing is in its final hours. The young generation is completely infected by the international dances.”

Folk Dancing Children
Folk Dancing Children

Most of the people today may already see, that István Györffy was not right about the future of folk dancing. Parents are aware how important it is, that children get to know their national and cultural heritage through folk dancing. Although in the beginning most of the kids are only trying to satisfy the request of the parents, many of them later stay willingly, because of the company, and their love for dancing, they continue on practicing.

Youngs gain a lot througTraditional Dressh dancing; learn songs, ways of the old, craftsmanship, places and people that all add to their lives. The practice of Hungarian folk dance, or the simple joy it brings when looking at it, definitely makes one a member of a unique community. Dancers learn motifs in the beginning, and by learning the order of connection between them, they’ll hold the knowledge of the dance language of the specific dance structure. Knowledge like this enables one to speak the language of the dance and show it to any given audience.Expressing Freedom

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