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gellert dance show
Dance Performance in the Gellert Bath

The baths of Budapest have give home to many events, celebrations, holiday concerts, festivals and much more since the beginning of the 20th century. It is possible to reserve most of them for a private gala event, wedding or the like after closing time for example.

Many of the baths do not only function as baths, they have a gym with modern equipment, fitness options, water aerobic trainings, treadmills, different dumbbells and weights.

blood donation in the baths

Besides the training possibilities and the passive healing effects of the thermal water the spas feature daytime hospitals with many prescription treatments and special trainings, healing massages. The Hungarian Red Cross organizes blood donations in the beautiful ornamented halls of the baths in many occasions.

water laser show in rudas bath
Laser Show in Szechenyi Bath

Amongst many other public events the baths host interesting events on the water world days with lots of concerts, dj shows, activities for young and old alike, performances for guests from within the country border and beyond. Furthermore, guided tours are always available on these days for visitors interested in the exciting history of these buildings, including a water-quiz with rewards like free entry tickets to the spas and much more.

An event in the weekly Spa Life is the sPARTY, a bath party in the Szechenyi bath every saturday with great music in a truly unique environment!

Check it out here:
-SPARTY-bath party szechenyi 

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