Thermal Water

hot spring waterWhat do we call thermal water?

The temperature threshold limit is not internationally unified. In Hungary from 1953 to 1984 it was 35 °C, however rest of Europe always categorized waters above 30 °C as thermal water. About 70% of the country’s territory has thermal water below the surface, and since 1984 the regulation was changed according to the European standard and the number of thermal water springs grew by 290 from one day to the next.

healing capabilitesAnd what about healing water?

Healing water qualification can not be subjective, it is more of a judiciary category. To qualify waters as healing waters is a complicated matter, independent of temperature. Underground waters with proved healing capabilities may be called healing waters. To qualify them, first of all they need to go through chemical analysis to categorize them as mineral waters. Afterwards comes the inspection of the healing effects with the so called “double blind” test. During the experiment 10 patients are bathed in the waters currently going through the test and other 10 are bathed in heated tap water. Interesting to notice that at least 1 out of 10 patients enjoying the heated tap water bath claim that they have felt the beneficial effects of this thermal-healing water, so the placebo effect is always happening during these experiments. After this test was finished, the judges of the experiment from the legal institution of the state will counsel and decide to categorize the waters with healing properties or not to.

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