Wines of Fame

Tokaji Furmint Grand Selection – Tokaj-Hegyalja wine territory

Its colour has shades of straw-colours, because the fermentation and aging in barrel. Its scent is tropical, with signs of fruit and floral. Because of the new barrel aging it has an elegant smoky character. It fills the mouth with acids and long finish. It is recommended with starters, salads, smoky fish, or grilled meat. Its appearance has moderate-intensity of yellow gold. Its flavour is moderately lime; pear and honey signs can be felt. When tasted it is dry, very ripe, with yellow-fleshed fruit, in which, mainly apricot and peach can be felt. Meaningful, attractive wine with rich flavour. We propose to consume it between 10 -11 ° C.

tokaj wine territoryTokaji Szamorodni Sweet – Tokaj-Hegyalja wine territory
The word szamorodni comes originally from Polish (used from 1828), it refers to the method of preparation. The intact and the nobly rotten grapes are processed together. Depending on the amount of aszú grapes, it can reach the quality of the three-butt aszú as well. Its amber color and flavor makes it rightly one of the most unique quality wines of the Tokaj wine region. We recommend it for those, who do not like too sweet dessert wines. Serving temperature is 11-12 ° C.

Tokaji Aszú 3 puttonyos – Tokaj-Hegyalja wine territory
It is an extraordinary quality dessert wine from the historical Tokaj wine region. It is made in a traditional way for centuries in small wooden casks where the fermentation is completed. The taste, smell and unique harmony of it, made it – according to the well known line of Louis XIV. – the “Wine of Kings, King of wines”. The serving temperature is 10 ° C and it is recommended to sweet cheese, desserts and in itself as a wine for celebrations.

matra wine territoryBárdos wine cellar Pinot Grigio – Mátra wine territory

It is a young plantation on the Manos vineyard. A very well balanced, strong varietal wine. In its aromas and taste delicious bitter herbs dominate, next to it, brightly coloured flowers with a fine finish.

szekszard wine territoryBodri Szekszárdi Civilis Cuvée – szekszárdi wine territory
The grapes, which were grown in Csötönyi Valley, Faluhely- and Gurovica-vineyard, are the raw material for this wine. The components are Gamay, Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zweigelt and Kadarka. It is characterized by ruby colour, medium intensity of ripened scent, where berries appear, mostly black currant and blueberry with a little spiciness of vanilla. In its flavour the velvety tannins are balanced, it is medium-bodied with fruity and toast signs. We propose to consume it between 16-18 ° C. We recommend it with red meat and spicy pepper dishes.

eger wine territoryJuhász kékfrankos Rosé – egri wine territory
Thanks to the Juhász Brothers winery’s modern technology, they have made a fresh and reductive rosé wine, which is characterized with full of fruit flavour and aroma. Good pairing with fish and white meat dishes.

neszmely wine territoryHilltop Premium Merlot –
neszmély wine territory

Ruby red, velvety, intense, characterful, full-bodied red wine filled the taste of red berries from the highest positioned and sunniest vineyard of the Neszmély Wine Region. With passing years it becomes finer and finer. We recommend it with red meat dishes.

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